Millions of goods are packaged and shipped every day by people who are uncertain, overwhelmed and confused on how to get goods down the street, across the country or around the globe. We eliminate the stress and ensure our customer’s belongings, no matter how big, small, delicate, old or fragile, move safely from point A to point B.

At Navis, we provide businesses and consumers with one-stop solutions to get the job done right.

You’ll see why Navis Pack & Ship provides a growing business opportunity in an expanding marketplace.

  • Since 2002, Navis has handled over 261,000 shipments worldwide, valued at more than $242 Million.
  • Navis is a preferred packaging and small moves partner for YRC, national mail & parcel centers, major van line companies and a growing list of national accounts and strategic partners in our targeted market segments.
  • Outsourcing is the new business solution to reduce overhead: 90% of companies in the United States outsource one or more of their business processes, including assembly and packaging, order management and fulfillment, distribution and inventory management.

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