Successful Franchise Owners Share These Traits

Navis Pack & Ship franchise owners come from many different backgrounds. Our diversity and our openness to sharing information helps our network gain power. Although we’re all different, these characteristics are common to our success. Do you have these traits? If so, you may be our next outstanding Navis Pack & Ship!

Are you a problem solver? Your customers look to you as an expert in specialty packing and shipping. Whether they are shipping 100 antique cowbells or one piece of highly specialized office equipment, they will bring unique challenges that other companies are unable to fulfill. The problems you encounter will be tangible and present in front of you – and your problem solving abilities will help you come up with creative solutions. The ability to think in terms of concrete real-world answers will be an asset to you in your business.

Are you a team player? We foster a team environment in which franchisees learn from each other to make the entire franchise system stronger. Our Help Desk catalogs all questions and answers so that all franchisees can reference these questions to learn from them. If you view your fellow franchisees as partners and not competitors, you’ll strengthen your own franchise as well as others.

Do you have a strong business mind? Your success does not require a background in any specific industry, but general experience in the business world is definitely an asset. If you have experience in a professional business setting, you may be better prepared to understand the mindset and vocabulary of your business customers and suppliers. Your business skills will also help you plan your own business more effectively.

Do you have a big picture perspective? In our shipping franchise, you will be the ‘big-picture’ person. We’ll help you train your staff to carry out the day-to-day details. If you have the ability to step back and view your franchise investment from a big-picture business perspective, you’ll be more likely to focus your time on the most important issues, such as selling large accounts, maximizing your margins and growing your business, hopefully into multiple-location ownership!

Do you have a drive for success? Starting a franchise business requires hard work, dedication and a high level of motivation to succeed. We give you all the tools you need to get started successfully. But we also depend on your ability to build the best franchise business possible. It’s important to have a strong work ethic, sound judgment and standards of excellence to achieve success and preserve the integrity of the Navis name.

Are you dependable? Customers will trust you to handle their valuable and fragile belongings. They need to know that they can trust and rely on you. By contacting your clients in a timely manner, following through on your commitments and providing excellent service, you’ll earn their trust – and their business.

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